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Mitragyna speciosa is gaining increasing popularity among American consumers in its raw botanical form or as an ingredient in finished dietary supplement products. Thanks for reaching out to us. 5-gallon bags should be able to support trees that reach about 5 feet in height whereas 15-gallon pots would be suitable for plants that are at least 4 feet tall. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa korth). Scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, these trees mostly thrive in tropical climates but it's possible to grow them in non-tropical climates with the right plant care.

Sure, many people wonder if kratom seeds are a good choice to grow a kratom tree. But harnessing the potent properties of the Kratom Plant on your own can be a challenging process.Growing your Kratom Plants for individual use isn't impossible in this Guide to Growing Kratom Plants Successfully.

Humidifiers can be used to give your kratom plants a humidity boost, but they are expensive to buy and run. While it is true that many people may have side effects from using Kratom, this is usually because they mixed it with other things or ate too much of it. Eating too much Kratom can produce nausea at mild levels.

Another important thing to keep in mind regarding soil is pH. The best pH for the Kratom plant to grow is 5.5-6.5. You can invest in a good pH testing tool to make sure that your soil stays within this range, as your plant can even die in extremely decreased or increased pH.

And remember, as with any plant, not all seeds will germinate, so it's best to plant several at a time and pull up extras if you do happen to get a few sprouts. Another reason for kratom plant's popularity is due to the fact that it is damn near impossible for the average person to grow kratom plants from kratom seeds.

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