WeBuyBlack The Largest Marketplace For Black Owned Businesses

Buying Black to Support Black Owned Businesses, Reduce Unemployment and Improve Our Communities. To make sure all of our anti-racism work has true depth and longevity, we need to think about lasting change and effective action in so many aspects of life, and one of these is where we shop and who we buy from - there needs to be real investment in Black creators, businesses and communities.

The top earning industries in Black owned businesses are in Health care & Social assistance, and the Retail Trade sectors totaling more than $41 billion in receipts. This means black business owners are more likely to run out of operating funds to keep their businesses afloat while customers are staying at home.

Black businessmen generally were more conservative elements of their community, but typically did support the Civil Rights Movement By the 1970s, federal programs to promote minority business activity provided new funding, although the opening world of mainstream management in large corporations attracted a great deal of talent.

It's not directly a protest against police brutality, Watkins, 24, tells CNBC Make It , but supporting black-owned businesses still helps the communities at the center of the protests. More than 40 percent of black business owners reported they weren't working in April, when businesses were feeling the worst of the pandemic's economic consequences.

UC Santa Cruz professor Robert Fairlie said many black owners will face considerable obstacles resurrecting their business after the pandemic eases, citing the huge wealth gap between black and white Americans. Robinson started The Nile List to "make buying black normalized." Spending money at black-owned businesses is a way to address racial inequities long after protests are over.

It is also possible to find and support medium-to-large companies and even area specific professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, through some black business directory listings. This Black-owned company features high-quality items that are designed for both babies and toddlers.

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