Treating Bacterial Vaginosis With Alternative Herbal Medicines

The vagina is a very sensitive spot that houses the bad and good bacteria. For this reason, a lady has to be clean at all times. When the bad bacteria exceeds the good ones, vaginal irritation, itching, pain during sex, feel the discomfort during urination, discharge and pungent will seem. Those are signs of bacterial vaginosis. These symptoms could be extremely unpleasant for each and every woman. Most doctors recommend topical creams and over-the-counter drugs for a fast remedy. Although these drugs can help, some girls fear the use of such drugs are able to leave long term unwanted side effects to their body. Thankfully, there are available treatment supplements using highly effective herbal programs. Read on.

Medical experts assume that the vagina has the own kind of its of environment where both bad and good bacteria thrive together. Good germs fight with bad bacteria as well as other dangerous foreign organisms and to prevent infections in the vagina. When terrible bacteria multiply and wipe out the good bacteria by the numbers, bacterial vaginosis follows. Using herbal medicines creates an environment where the bad bacteria might find itself difficult to proliferate as well as survive. Medical experts point out that organic medications normalize pH level of the vagina and help fight inflammation and irritation which typically occurs.

Vaginitis is thought to be brought on by bacteria or maybe fungal infection identified as Candida albicans yeast. Treatment of vaginitis will mainly depend on what might have triggered it. It's always recommended that girls undergo diagnostic tests to know what exactly the reason behind the symptoms of vaginitis. Diagnostic study determines the kind of treatment for the illness. Different types of bacteria need different treatment. Doctors recommend that a female with an infection to minimize the ingestion of high sugar foods, stay away from carbohydrates, and alcoholic beverages. These are the foods which aggravate an infection.

In the meantime, you can use herbs to overcome the bacterial vaginosis - of yours.


Garlic is shown to contain antibacterial properties. Of the second World War, wounded soldiers use garlic in the injuries of theirs to fight infection that is possible. However, do not apply pounded garlic to the vagina. If perhaps of bacterial vaginosis, with just one to 2 capsules of garlic one day may help fight bacteria contained in the vagina.


This particular herb is utilized to normalize the flow of body fluids including flushing toxic compounds and bacteria. Tracheal is used as a tea, Golden Monk; this link - , and that is recommended to consume before bed. But, several individuals hate the taste of this herb. Alternatively, you are able to tracheal 500mg capsule at bed time.

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