Should Read: Non Steroidal Prescription Topical Psoriasis Treatments

The severity of psoriasis is calculated in different ways. It can be grouped into mild, moderate and severe. Mild, moderate and severe types of psoriasis are treated similarly but with many variations. There is what you call a "1-2-3 step" for psoriasis therapy which is generally completed based on the seriousness. This 1-2-3 action or approach is one) the use of topical medications or treatments 2) using light treatment or perhaps phototherapy 3) making use of oral medication or best legal steroids at gnc - perhaps injections.

Therefore, mild psoriasis is viewed with the initial step or approach. It is the use of topical medications. Topical treatment is divided into different categories; one would be the steroidal and non-steroidal treatment. These 2 types of topical medication are often prescribed. Non-steroidal topical psoriasis treatments are given by doctors, dermatologists or maybe some healthcare providers - which specializes on psoriasis. This non-steroidal prescribed topical treatment for psoriasis includes:

1. anthralin

Anthralin is done from the bark of a tree referred to as ARAROBA that is indigenous to South America. It works by slowing down the quick generation of the facial skin cells. But, it should be only used in a short period of time daily for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the medication must be washed off.

2. calcipotriene

Calcipotriene is also known with the word calcipotriol. It's a non-steroidal topical medicine and it is frequently known with the brand name Dovonex. Calcipotriene is clearly an analogue of vitamin D3. It may help in decreasing the signs of psoriasis by a) flattening or leveling the raised psoriasis lesions b) delaying or decreasing the unbelievably rapid rate of manufacture of skin cells c) reduce scaling.

Nevertheless, users who prefer to employ this medication must always keep in mind that calcipotriene should never be applied on sensitive areas such as the genitals or the face.

3. Combination - of betamethasone as well as calcipotriene

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