Cyber Security - What Everyone Must Know About Cyber Security Threats and How to Stay Protected

We are in an incredibly insecure world, dominated by robbery and crime. Due to the pronounced differences involving the classes of society, cultural conflicts and various other factors, worldwide crime rates have known an exacerbated surge in the past decades, rendering contemporary society an incredibly unstable and unsafe environment. Every day we read about all sorts of crimes, robberies and thefts, causing us to doubt the safety individuals homes, possessions and even our lives!

*As per an investigation conducted this season by Avast, one in eight of the a lot more than 700,000 malware incidents that occurred in that year, were as a result of infected USBs.

*Another report by Ponemon institute, states the power of infection by revealing that, 800,000 plus data sensitive devices, including pen drives, laptops and portable computer drives were found to be compromised in 2009.

*BitDefender reported that USB drives were the principle source for spreading of top two virus threats.

*Furthermore, increasing these facts, research report by Panda Security, announced that 25% in the PC related infection is spread by these USB devices only.

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Cloud drive allows access of files from anywhere across the globe thereby helping companies expand globally. Executives who travel frequently often use cloud storage gain access to critical data anywhere around the globe. All they require is an internet enable computer or internet enabled device to access your data essential - for their businesses. it support ( published here - ) is also cheaper as companies or users don't have to maintain storage devices of their own. It saves maintenance and upgradation costs.

In closing, Cyber Security is an evolution of a series of technologies who have grown together right into a global phenomenon which will put information everywhere securely providing we can pump bandwidth anywhere in the world. I once told a broad that we'll achieve our goal when I can give you an indication while you are within an outhouse inside the desert and I'm in a very cave inside Amazon jungle sending you photos and emails. He laughed, but that was just a couple of in years past. I look back and we're beyond that point now.

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